Daily Discipline

Do at least 1 quick sketch (even if it's 30 seconds) of a photo each day.

 Usually I only commit to doing a quick 1 min sketch but then, quite often I like the way my drawing looks after that first minute so it seems so easy just to keep going and add detail. I really like to use flickr.com for this.  I scroll through the "Explore" feature for a few seconds and usually I find a photo that strikes me.  I do this on my cell phone and then put it down where I can see it, then sketch on my Surface Pro.

Watch at least 1 short training video.  (Pixologic Classroom or Digital Tutors)

Spend at least 30 min each day on an art project.

Limit time spent on social media.

If spending time on social media, keep up with one of the great Facebook art groups (Lunchcrunch, etc.) or CG art forums (like ZBrush Central).  But try not to get sucked into the click hole.

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